Shipping cost
Shipping to your place for all of Greece is FREE for orders over 60 € and with a charge of 3 € for orders of lower value.
In cases where the method of payment is cash on delivery, the customer is charged an additional 1.5 €

Note: Additional shipping costs may only occur on a very large order volume
or for orders outside Greexce and after prior notice and approval of the customer.

Delivery time
Delivery time is usually from 1 to 3 working days, except periods in particular
increased demand for destinations within Greece. (in inaccessible areas may
delayed 1 to 2 days more)
Shipping & Delivery times may vary due to unstable factors
(product availability in warehouse outside the central, strikes, shipping delays
companies, holidays, weather conditions, etc.) or in periods of particularly high demand (official
discount periods, offer days)

Order search
Each customer receives a unique number for his order package. With the number
this makes it possible to detect the order in the courier shipping system.