Our first store “Sport Shop Vitzilaios” is founded by Nikolaos Vitzilaios and his wife Mariza Paraskevi in ​​the area of ​​Karystos for the purpose of retail sale of sports products mainly shoes and fitness equipment.


The piece of casual clothing for men and women with the best companies of the time is coming!


An important development in the course of the business is the specific year where we are transferred to a brand new privately owned space of 200 sq.m. in the most central point of the market!


We are launching Vitzileos Kids! Where we transfer our love and know-how for children to an independent department, thus satisfying all the needs of our little friends!


In order to better meet the needs of the consumer public, we created our online store Vitzileosstores.gr through which we sell our products throughout Greece, providing immediate and easy access to them!

At Vitzileos Stores & Kids the consumer can find the most famous brands for all ages such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, New Balance, Superdry, Franklin Marshall, Funky Buddha, Mayoral, Energiers, Amaretto, New College etc.